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Larry Labonte Recovery Center
Our staff is here to listen, help, and provide knowledge about recovery and the recovery community that has been built by others before you.

About Larry Labonte

Recovery Center


LLRC was founded by Larry's son Lonnie Labonte. After Larry's passing and returning to visit his hometown of Rumford, Maine, Lonnie was able to see what drugs, alcohol, and Substance Use Disorder have done to the people of Maine. Specifically in the River Valley Area, an area where he grew up and holds a spot in his heart. Lonnie and his mother Kathie Williams had a long talk about how could they help out the community. Lonnie did receive a business and property from his father. So, with this, they decided to split the building and use some space inside for a Recovery Center.

A place where people of the surrounding community can come to relax from the stressors of day-to-day life and receive information about all types of recovery. They wanted a place where people can come in, and without judgment, ask any questions for themselves, as well as offer knowledge and insight to others that have people within their life that are struggling. LLRC is a space meant to help ALL.


To start LLRC, construction was required to make the location handicap accessible, removing windows, and adding a restroom.. A local organization, 49 Franklin hosted a community fund raiser and the Adam Getchell Memorial Fund donated from their Annual Mud Run  and we were able to complete the renovations.

Since opening the doors to LLRC, we have been growing. The staff has been seizing any training/education opportunities to improve how we help our community. Our staff are trained  Recovery Coaches, and also have been taught how to train the public about the vital information around Narcan and how to use it in an opioid overdose situation. We attend and have tables set up at River Valley area events and help our local schools by providing them with recovery information, Narcan training, and Recovery Coaches when a student is struggling. We also have community outreach tables to provide information and Narcan training to anyone in the public.


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