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River Valley Recovers Strong (RVRS) is a dedicated group of individuals working collaboratively to make a positive impact in the River Valley community. Founded by Glenn Gordon, RVRS is committed to supporting individuals on their journey to recovery and addressing critical issues within the region.

Inception at the Recovery Rally (March 2023):

RVRS had its humble beginnings with the inspirational Recovery Rally hosted at The Larry Labonte Recovery Center (LLRC) in March 2023. With the unwavering support of LLRC, Glenn initiated a gathering at LLRC before and after a march around the area. This event brought together a thriving community of over 100 people who joined in a spirited march around the neighborhoods surrounding LLRC. The streets echoed with uplifting recovery slogans such as "WE DO RECOVER" and "COMMUNITY IS THE CURE."

Watch the RVRS Rally Video HERE

Community Engagement Forum at The Apostolic Church:

Following the success of the RVRS Rally, our next endeavor was a community engagement forum held at The Apostolic Church in Mexico. The primary objective of this forum was to listen to valuable feedback from our community members, gaining insight into their top priorities for the River Valley area.

Addressing a Critical Need:

RVRS recognized a pressing issue within the River Valley – the improper disposal of used sharps (needles) and the lack of access to sharps containers. In response, RVRS collaborated with other local organizations to establish drop-off locations for used sharps. These locations also serve as pick-up points for new sharps containers. All collected materials are safely transported to Med-Care, where Maine Access Points ensure proper disposal, contributing to a safer and healthier community.

View the River Valley Safe Disposal Procedures HERE

Ongoing Commitment:

Presently, RVRS convenes once a month to drive the River Valley community forward in the battle against Substance Use Disorder. We maintain a modest fund to assist with specific issues that may not be readily addressed by other local organizations. The allocation of funds is determined through a group majority vote, ensuring transparency and community involvement.

In line with the mission of River Valley Recovers Strong to unite our community in recovery and resilience, we've established a vibrant Facebook group, open to all. This online platform serves a crucial purpose - it allows individuals to post their specific needs and requests, fostering a supportive environment where fellow community members can step in and offer assistance.


Our ultimate goal is to make the River Valley a stronger, safer, and more supportive place for all its residents. By joining our Facebook group, you become an integral part of this collective effort to build a brighter future together. We invite you to be a part of this dynamic network where compassion and solidarity thrive, extending the reach of our mission beyond physical boundaries.

Join the River Valley Recovers Strong Facebook Group HERE

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