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The Larry Labonte Recovery Center has a variety of staff available to meet your needs.  All staff are certified to train others to administer Naloxone, are Registered Recovery Coaches and are here to listen to you.


Kathie Williams


Kathie holds the role of co-founder and Director at the Larry Labonte Recovery Center (LLRC). Her personal journey in recovery has been instrumental in shaping the inception of LLRC, which was conceived in late 2018. In 2019, she spearheaded the fundraising efforts that paved the way for the center's opening in 2020, and subsequently assumed the pivotal role of Director.
Kathie is actively engaged in collaborative endeavors with numerous local organizations and statewide agencies within the River Valley area. Her efforts are aimed at catalyzing transformative change through diverse programs and initiatives. A passionate advocate, Kathie is dedicated to eradicating the stigma surrounding recovery and ensuring that essential resources are readily accessible to all individuals in need.

Ally for Recovery

I have seen family struggling with many forms of addiction my entire life. Seeing the hard time,
they had with addiction showed me that I did not want my life to go down that same path. In
my daily life, I must navigate a world not built for me because I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth
Disease. I believe that because of the life experiences that I have, I am in a great position to help those in recovery.

I am living proof that having a hard time in life is no reason to give up and anyone can
live the life they deserve.

Tommy Hayes

Staff Supervisor, Narcan Coordinator,
Recovery Coach

Tommy is an ally for those in recovery and the Narcan Coordinator as well as a Registered Recovery Coach at LLRC. Tommy joined the LLRC team within the first year of being open. He has received training through Maine Access Points (M.A.P) to train the public and new staff of LLRC on what an Opioid Overdose is and how to use Narcan during an Opioid Overdose.  As a Portland Recovery Community Center CCAR trained Recovery Coach, Tommy hopes to support his community by meeting with people and helping them maintain recovery. Tommy has many struggles in his own life and wants to show people life may be difficult at times but, there is no reason to stop fighting for your best life.


Lauren Leonard

Recovery Coach

Lauren started working for LLRC in 2023. Since her start, she quickly became a CCAR Registered Recovery Coach and has now been tasked with the responsibility of Recovery Coach Coordinator (RCC). As an RCC she tracks and keeps LLRC’s coaches organized. As a Recovery Coach, she has a passion for helping others overcome their challenges and find their path to sobriety. With her background as a member of the recovery community and her personal experience of incarceration, she brings a distinctive and valuable perspective to our organization. Her insights undoubtedly enhance our ability to identify and provide the most effective resources for individuals currently incarcerated in jails and prisons. Lauren thrives in the great outdoors, often found hiking scenic trails and engaging in various outdoor activities. Her love for nature serves as both a personal escape and a source of inspiration and renewal in her demanding role as a recovery coach. Additionally, Lauren is a loving parent to a spirited daughter, skillfully juggling the responsibilities of motherhood with her unwavering dedication to her client's well-being.

Mikaela Moss

Recovery Coach

We are thrilled to introduce Mikaela, our newest team member at LLRC. She joins us as we start the new year of 2024 and will be a CCAR Registered Recovery Coach by the end of February 2024. She brings with her a passion for helping individuals and a genuine desire to make a positive impact in her new position here at LLRC. She has an energetic approach to helping others achieve and maintain sobriety that brings a unique blend of compassion, knowledge, and personal experience from her own recovery. Mikaela finds joy in spending quality time with her family, especially hanging out with her nephews. She believes in the importance of building strong family bonds and cherishing moments with loved ones. She also is an avid reader with a perpetual love for learning. Whether it's diving into fiction, non-fiction, or poetry, she is always on the lookout for stories that transport her to different realms of imagination.


Anthony DeCosta

Recovery Coach

Anthony started at LLRC in February 2024 and is on track to become a registered recovery coach upon completing his training courses. Hailing from Massachusetts, he brings a wealth of personal experience and insights from his journey in recovery, spanning both early and long-term phases. Drawn by Maine's natural beauty and the warmth of its people, Anthony finds solace in spending time outdoors and cherishing moments with his family, pets, and savoring delicious cuisine. With a genuine eagerness to expand his knowledge and expertise in recovery, Anthony is committed to supporting others on their journey toward productivity and success through coaching.

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