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Providing Resources At No Cost!

The Larry Labonte Recovery Center is a centrally located resource, information, and recovery center providing a nonjudgmental safe place to find resources for Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health wellness. We have an all-inclusive agenda to assist with community wellness at no cost!

The LLRC is a nonprofit organization here to support the families, friends, and individuals affected from

Substance Use Disorder or Mental Health issues.


We believe that everyone should have the access to recovery regardless of their financial status. The services we provide are completely free. Stop in and see what we can do for you. 

Recovery Starts With YOU!

“... your Recovery Center gave her Narcan and trained how to use it, saved his life today. If it wasn't for your center he would not be with us. So I just wanted to extend a thank you. Thank you very much for everything you do and it's so much appreciated and thank you for my son's father being alive.....”

Anonymous Voice Message

"This is the only local recovery center in our area. So many people have been losing their lives due to overdose and LLRC is a place to gather information about sobriety and addiction. They are very welcoming people. It's a wonderful place."


Beverly Stuart

"I stopped in to introduce myself today and had the most pleasant conversation with the staff! Rumford is blessed to have a place to come and connect to their community!"


Danielle Toothaker Savage

"If you feel like your alone, that no one understands, and feel there is no hope ..Larry Labonte Recovery Center is the greatest place for you. The center can bring you guidance on your pathway to recovery, and help you find resources as well as a safe comfortable place for support. You're not alone and there is HOPE."


Jessica Johnson

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