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Recovering With Friends

Larry Labonte Recovery Center provides a safe space for the Recovering with Friends (RWF) team to film. RWF is a 30-minute unedited and unscripted YouTube show aiming to discuss difficult topics in recovery to help end the stigma behind Substance Use Disorder. 

Season 2 starting in November

Season 1

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Episode 1 with Guests
Glenn Gordon & Sam Cummings

On RWF first episode hosts Seth and Kayleigh chat with our guests about what recovery means to each of them. During this episode they also discuss relapse. Most people cannot maintain recovery their first time seeking it; just like recovery, relapse is different for everyone as well.


Episode.3 Friends & Recovery

Seth sits down with Sam and Jason this week and discusses everything surrounding friendships. They discussed, if friendships change your recovery, how friends are more supportive than we know then, the environment we find ourselves in while with friends, advice for new friends, and how we can support others.


Episode.5 Work& Recovery

In episode 5 of Recovering with Friends, hosts Seth and Kayleigh dive into a topic that affects many in recovery: work. They're joined by guests Lauren and Candice, who share their experiences with finding and maintaining employment while in recovery. The group discusses coping with consequences and the role of faith in their recovery journeys. They also explore the importance of finding a balance and becoming better co-workers, as well as the impact of the job and work environment on maintaining sobriety. Throughout the episode, the group reflects on how work can provide purpose and help improve their lives, but also the potential challenges and triggers that can arise. Join Seth and Kayleigh in episode 5 to hear their guests' personal experiences with recovery and work, and gain insight into how they have learned to navigate these complex issues.


Episode.7 Strong Connections- The Power of Sponsorship

In this episode, returning guest Glenn G. and new guest Dale K. discuss various aspects of recovery. The discussion begins with the importance of relationships and sponsorship in AA, with Dale sharing his own experience as a sponsor. The guests also talk about the Bridging the Gap program, making amends, and the challenges of transportation in recovery. They offer advice for newcomers, talk about the struggles of finding and maintaining work after incarceration, and share their experiences of being a sponsor. Other topics include jail meetings, loneliness in prison, and the themes of recovery and redemption. The episode ends with some valuable advice for those looking for a sponsor. Tune in for this insightful and inspiring conversation!


Episode.9 Breaking the Cycle: Gaining Clarity on Addiction and Sobriety

In Episode 9 of "Recovering with Friends," hosts Seth and Kayleigh engage in a thought-provoking conversation with returning guest Lauren. They discuss how they recognized their own problems, reflect on their addictive minds, and share insights from their experiences with using different substances other than their drug of choice and taking breaks from alcohol and drugs. The discussion also touches upon early signs of addiction that were overlooked and the concept of hitting rock bottom versus hitting the next cliff on the way down. Don't miss this enlightening episode filled with valuable knowledge and personal anecdotes from their recovery journeys. Tune in now!


Episode.2 Let's meet our hosts

Hosts Seth and Kayleigh talk about what happened in their life that brought them into recovery. The hard times of dealing with stress, having no coping skills, an accidental overdose, and the thought of ending one’s own life. Everyone has a different story of what their life was like before recovery, Seth and Kayleigh share theirs to let you know you're not alone. They each had a moment of clarity, this was the turning point for them and their start into recovery. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE


Episode.4 Life After Addiction

Hosts Seth and Kayleigh chat with returning guest Glenn Gordon and new guest Lauren Leonard. They chat about what life is like for them after addiction. Before Seth and Kayleigh share their life after addiction the group chats about the polar plunge Glenn and Kayleigh participated in earlier in the week. In this new life, they have peace of mind now that they are financially stable (or working toward it) and learned how to be content. Being in recovery is hard work and saying YES to opportunities is crucial in moving forward. Glenn shares how he and his wife made the leap and opened a small business. At this business during COVID-19, they felt the community connections we all would like to see. To wrap up the episode each person shares 1 thing that is meaningful to them that was brought into their life because of recovery.


Episode.6 Heaven & Hell

In this episode, hosts Seth and Kayleigh introduce their guests, Jim Irish and local pastor David Willhoite, who share their experiences of finding balance in their lives. Seth and Kayleigh explain why they chose these guests to be on the show. Kayleigh shares her story of meeting David, who is a local pastor at the Apostolic Church in Mexico, ME, and how he has helped her in her journey. David talks about his experience with A.A. as an outsider and how his faith has supported him through tough times. Jim, a small business owner and member of the local chapter of the motorcycle club Hells Angels, shares his past, how he got started in a 12-step program, and how he puts God first in his life. The group discusses being real, vulnerable, and showing real love for others. They also share their stories of close support and making community changes. Tune in to hear about their experiences of having faith without pushing it on others and the importance of having a place to belong.


Episode.8 Finding Serenity in Sound- The Magic of Music in Recovery

Join us for an exciting episode of our show featuring special guests Jim Van Lieu and Aaron Ryder. In this episode, we explore the profound impact of music on our lives and recovery journeys. Discover how music brings peace, its potential as a trigger, and its role as a sign of hope. We also delve into the reputation of bands and artists, the presence of drinking/drug use in rap, and even share song recommendations for newcomers in recovery. Don't miss this engaging discussion on the power of music as a tool in recovery. Tune in now!

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